Joan Collins 
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Date Cover Description
May 6, 1989 8 page article, “Just before setting off for England Joan Collins invites Hello! Into Her Fabulous Hollywood Mansion"
22 September 1990 10 page article, “Joan Collins - A Fulfilled Woman Who's Found Love And Achieved A Lifelong Ambition"
March 15, 1997 7 page article, “Celebrating Her O.B.E. And Her Daughter Tara's Summer Wedding Joan Collins In Her New Los Angeles Penthouse"
June 7, 1997 7 page article, “Joan Collins Helps Her Elder Daughter Get Ready For Her Wedding Day"
June 28, 1997 14 page article, “Joan Collins And Anthony Newley Reunited In Paris For The Wedding Of Their Daughter Tara To Composer Michael Adam"
31 October 1998 7 page article, “Tara Newley And Husband Michael Adam Introduce Daughter Miel Celeste And Joan Collins Shares Her Joy At Becoming A First-Time Grandmother”
24 July 2001 11 page article, “Joan Collins And New Man Percy Gibson Talk Exclusively For The First Time About Their Relationship And The Love That Surprised Them Both”
26 October 2004 11 page article, “In New York With Her Son Sacha And His Wife Angela, Joan Collins Introduces Her Third Grandchild Ava Grace”