Released: 1978 (USA)
Running time: 101 minutes.   Colour
Video Release: Home Video Productions
Director: Don Weis
Genre:   Comedy

Michael Nolan worked for 18 years in a job he hated, saved his money and did all the right things.  Until one day he is framed by his calculating wife and his own unscrupulous attorney, forcing him into an alimony bondage for the rest of his life.  All he has left is his fancy car.

Emerging from the court, Mike's car is swiped by Larry Wilder, a street wise sixteen year old, working for a repossession gang.  Borrowing his attorney's car, Mike gives chase, ending up at the repo office, where, now  a victim of both sides of the law, he seems to have no choice, but to join the rowdy gang as Larry's partner.

Following a series of unlikely escapades and having become the object of Larry's romantic fantasies, Mike falls for Gloria (Joan Collins) who leads him into a series of sexy romps in this hard-driving spirited action comedy.


Darren McGavin - Michael Nolan
Sylvia Miles - Flo Ames
Joan Collins - Gloria Martine
Denise Nickerson - Larry Wilde
The Hudson Brothers - Eddie, Harry & Sammy
Lyle Waggoner - Gay Bar Bartender
      Joan Collins 
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