Released: 1970 (UK)
Video Release (UK)  1983 RCA/Columbia Pictures International Video

Running time: 107 minutes.   Colour
Director: Sam Wanamaker
Genre:   Thriller / Drama

A British Intelligence Operation in Vienna is massacred by Communist insurgents.  Agent George Peppard escapes to London convinced that a mole at Headquarters is responsible for the bloodbath.

Once there, he finds his superiors unwilling to allow him to probe deeper so he embarks on a dangerous solo manhunt that takes him to Istanbul and Athens


George Peppard - John Shay
Joan Collins - Sarah Booth
Judy Geeson - Polly Bendel
Oskar Homolka - Racovsky
Charles Gray - Vaughan Jones
Nigel Patrick - Colonel Scott
Keith Michell - Adam Booth
George Baker - Philip Crawford
      Joan Collins 
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