Released: 1979 (UK)
Running time: 89 minutes.   Colour
UK Video Release: 4FrontVideo / Video Gems
UK DVD Release: 2001 Universal Pictures UK (Stud/Bitch combined)
Director: Gerry O'Hara

Genre:   Drama

Fontaine Khaled lives in a freewheeling world of fashionable clubs and plush limousines.  She is a beautiful, high-spirited divorcee who travels the world in style, passionately indulging in her favourite recreation... Pleasure-seeking and ruthless they call her THE BITCH.

The Bitch is based on the best selling novel by Jackie Collins.


Joan Collins - Fontaine Khaled
Michael Coby - Nico Cantafora
Sue Lloyd - Vanessa Grant
Mark Burns - Leonard Grant
Doug Fisher - Sammy
Carolyn Seymour - Polly Logan
Ian Hendry - Thrush Feather
Kenneth Haigh - Arnold Rinstead 
Peter Wight - Ricky
Maurice Thorogood - Paul
      Joan Collins 
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