Released: 1973 (UK)
VHS  Release (UK)  Rank Video

Running time: 90 minutes.   Colour
Director: Freddie Francis
Genre:  Horror

Dr Tremayne tells his old friend Nicholas about four bizarre cases of mental aberration currently being treated in his clinic.

1) A six year old boy and his invisible friend - a tiger.
2) An antique dealer who has travelled in time on a penny farthing bike.
3) An architect who has developed a weird attachment to a tree root resembling a female body.
4) A female literary agent who unwittingly involved her teenage daughter in cannibalistic rites.

But these are nothing to the horrors that await Nicholas in Dr Tremayne's laboratory.

Joan appears in case no. 3 "Mel"


Joan Collins - Bella Thompson
Michael Jayston - Brian
Donald Pleasence - Dr. Tremayne
Jack Hawkins - Dr. Nicholas

Other Cast include:
Kim Novak, Georgia Brown, Donald Houston, Suzy Kendall, Peter McEnery & Mary Tamm.
      Joan Collins 
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