Released: 1983 (UK)
Running time: 101 minutes.   Colour
UK Video Release: Rank Video
Director: Anwar Kawadri

Genre:   Drama

A beautiful Russian ballerina defects to the West, and gets caught up in an even more oppressive situation when she joins Madame Carrere's International Ballet Company.
For there is more to the mysterious Madame Carrere then meets the eye.  She has a frightening hold on people.  But has she met her match in the defecting newcomer?


Joan Collins - Madame Carrere
Carol White - Margaux Lasselle
Paul Nicholas - Mike McCann
Finola Hughes - Nadia Gargarin
William Franklyn - Sir Arthur Cartwright
Leslie Ash - Sharon
Murray Melvin - Leopold
Cherry Gillespie - Mireille
    Joan Collins
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