Regular Cast:
Jim Hutton - Ellery Queen
David Wayne - Inspector Richard Queen
Tom Reese - Sgt. Velie
John Hillerman - Simon Brimmer

Episode: The Adventure of Auld Lang Syne

At a prestigious New Year’s Eve party ushering in 1947 at the Astor Hotel in Times Square, a wealthy businessman Marcus Halliday is found murdered in a telephone booth.  Inspector Queen is already at the party and insists that his son Ellery come at once to help with the investigation.
Turns out the angry Mr. Halliday had just informed his six party guests that he was disinheriting them all from his will.  While waiting for his son to arrive, Inspector Queen questions Halliday’s guests: Lady Frawley who accompanies Lewis Halliday, Marcus’ ungrateful son.  There is also Miss Zelman the secretary and her sheepish boyfriend Howard Pratt, Paul Quincy the lazy nephew, and Don Becker--Halliday’s new business partner he thinks is corrupt.

Guest Stars:
Joan Collins - Lady Daisy Frawley
David Doyle - Don Becker
Farley Granger - Paul Quincy
Herb Edelman - Taxi Driver
Guy Lombardo - Himself
Karen Machon - Kitty McBride
Charles Robinson III - Lewis Halliday
Thayer David - Marcus Halliday
Barbara Rush - Emma Zelman
Ray Walston - Howard Pratt

    Joan Collins
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Originally broadcast: 11 September 1975
Network: NBC
Season 1
Running time: 60 minutes.   Colour
Genre: Thriller / Drama

VHS: Not available on commercial video
DVD: Available on commercial video