Released: 1973 (UK)
VHS  Release (US)  Embassy Home
Entertainment (1984)
Running time: 91 minutes.   Colour
Director: Don Sharp

Genre:  Horror

    Joan Collins
Site Design (c) Joan Collins Collection 2014
As aged Andrew Marr lies dying in a mental institution, he is visited by his only friend, Edward Foster.  Marr has left Foster his country estate and a half million dollars hidden in the house.
Before Foster is able to learn its location, Marr dies.  Despite eerie rumours, Foster moves into the neglected mansion.

He has a mysterious accident and meets the town physician Dr. Mandeville and his seductive sister who offers her services as a housekeeper/companion.  In cahoots with her brother, her real interest is finding the money.

We find that Marrs wife and housekeeper were mysteriously murdered fifty years ago, and their bodies were never found.  Shortly, thereafter a series of strange incidents occur, some of which are the doings of the doctor and his sister, others have no explanation at all.

Foster's own personality undergoes a drastic change, and he becomes possessed slowly absorbing the character and spirit of the insane deceased Marr.


Chistopher Lee - Dr Ian Mandeville
Joan Collins - Sarah Mandeville
Herbert Lom - Prescott
Robert Hardy - Edward Foster / Andrew Marr
Jean Marsh - Victoria
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