Released: 1958 (USA)
Video Release (UK)  1989 CBS/Fox - Spotlight on Joan Collins Series
Running time: 93 minutes.   Colour
Director: Henry King
Genre:  Western

When a farmer's (Gregory Peck) wife is raped and murdered, he teams up with his old flame (Joan Collins) to trail and kill the four outlaws he believes responsible.
Arriving in a town he discovers the men are in jail and will be hanged the following day.
When they escape, driven by a blinding need for revenge, the farmer gives chase, kills one and has another two cornered.  But then they protest their innocence.


Gregory Peck - Jim Douglas
Joan Collins - Josefa Velarde
Stephen Boyd - Bill Zachary
Albert Salmi - Ed Taylor
Henry Silva - Lujan
Lee Van Cleef - Alfonso Parral
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