Released: 1978 (UK)
Running time: 99 minutes.   Colour
UK Video Release: Channel 5 Video Distribution
Director: Michael Winner
Genre:   Crime Drama

Raymond Chandler's famous detective Philip Marlowe moves through a timeless never-never land of eccentric, dangerous, evil people.  Petty crimes, sexually obsessed women, dishonest policemen.

Riding like a knight in dull armour through this mosaic, Marlowe is the tireless but weary professional working for too little against too much.

One of fictions most popular heroes for over thirty years, Philip Marlowe never had a tougher time, a rougher ride, a greater challenge, than in THE BIG SLEEP.


Robert Mitchum - Philip Marlowe
Sarah Miles - Charlotte Sternwood
Candy Clark - Camilla Sherwood
Joan Collins - Agnes Lozelle
Edward Fox - Joe Brody
John Mills - Inspector Carson
James Stewart - General Sternwood
Oliver Reed - Eddie Mars
Harry Andrews - Norris
Richard Todd - Commander

    Joan Collins
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