Ed Wynn once said "dying is easy, it's comedy that's difficult," and that's exactly what David Hasselhoff and Joan Collins experienced while filming The Cartier Affair, a light-hearted World Premiere film to be telecast Saturday, November 3 at 9 pm on channel 8 and Sunday, November 4, at 9 pm on channel 5.

In the film, which has the feel of an old-fashioned caper comedy, Collins plays a TV sex star who falls in love with her male secretary (Hasselhoff) an ex-con who is falsely accused of stealing her precious jewels.

Collins says "Comedy is infinitely more difficult to do than drama. Dynasty is not that much of a stretch for me as an actress because after a while I'm basically being dramatic and honest - nothing more. But comedy has so many more demands.

"As Dean Martin said to me, 'it's timing.' But it's more intricate than just timing. Just by changing the accent on a vowel, I get or lose a laugh. The merest inflection can work for or against one."
Collins says she could tell how well she was doing during filming of The Cartier Affair according to the reactions of the crew.
"Although I couldn't look at them while I was being filmed, I could hear whether they were laughing."
Collins points out that she is no newcomer to comedy. "American audiences aren't aware that for five years in England I appeared in a series of very funny commercials. I also starred in three television comedy specials as well as Noel Coward's Fallen Angels."

For Hasselhoff, The Cartier Affair marks an almost total departure from his Knight Rider character. "I always loved those sophisticated, Cary Grant type of comedies, and here was my chance to play a dashing kind of guy who gets dragged into a strange situation and has a lot of fun trying to straighten things out.
"To add to the fun, I play the role with a touch of goofyness. I hope audiences have as much fun watching this as I had making it."

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