Joan Collins 
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Tales of the Unexpected was a highly acclaimed series of short stories by Roald Dahl. Sometimes gory, but always surprising , the stories all had a twist to entertain and, more often than not, shock the viewers.  Known for its iconic title sequence and haunting theme tune by Ron Grainger it attracted an astonishing array of guest stars and ran for an impressive nine years on ITV from 1979 to 1988. 

Joan featured in 3 different Tales of The Unexpected. Each one is here on my site with stills to accompany.

1. NECK - The rich, beautiful and seductive Lady Turton rules her husband, Sir Basil, with a rod of iron.  She flaunts her lovers in front of him, but Sir Basil and his disapproving butler Jelks see the perfect chance to get their revenge.

Starring: Joan Collins, Michael Aldridge, John Gielgud and Peter Bowles.
Dramatised by: Robin Chapman
Directed by: Christopher Miles
Original Transmission Date: 28 April 1979     

2. GEORGY PORGY - George is a vicar in a small country parish and has quite a problem with women. On one hand he is mad about them - the mere sight of a lady in high heels is enough to excite him enormously.  On the other hand, he can't bear to touch them or even be near to them.

Starring: Joan Collins, John Alderton, Grant Bardsley and Margaretta Scott
Dramatised by: Robin Chapman
Original Story: Roald Dahl
Directed by: Graham Evans
Original Transmission Date: 26 April 1980    

3. A GIRL CAN'T ALWAYS HAVE EVERYTHING - Suzy Starr and Pat Lewis are the poorly paid stars of a touring theatre company.  They can hardly pay the rent on their shared flat - until the company acquires a wealthy new backer, Herbert.

Starring: Joan Collins, Pauline Collins, and Brewster Mason
Dramatised by: Julian Bond
Original Story: Tonita S. Gardner
Directed by: Graham Evans
Original Transmission Date: 9 November 1980