Joan Does An Alexis At Heathrow
Tearful star Joan Collins flew out of Britain yesterday after an amazing row with airline staff.
In a rage worthy of her TV role as Alexis Carrington - but using language that would get Dynasty banned from the air - the 53 year old actress:

Called a woman supervisor "a **** old cow"

Sobbed as she found she would have to travel "Club Class" instead of first class

And swore never to fly British Airways - for which she used to do TV commercials - ever again.

The row blew up when Joan arrived at Heathrow's Terminal Four seven minutes after the check-in deadline for the BA 747 Jumbo to Los Angeles.


She was told the two first class seats she had booked for herself and her male secretary had gone to two passengers on standby.
BA later confirmed that two other celebrities were on that flight but Joan neither knew or cared.

     DAILY EXPRESS, March 25th, 1987
Passengers heard her call the supervisor "a **** cow" and saw the official stalk away after telling Joan: "I don't take that sort of language from anyone,
least of you, young lady."
Unmollified by either the "young" or the "lady" Joan said later: "That supervisor was the biggest cow I've ever met in my life"
Joan in her native Britain for Monday's royal film premiere had been dancing at top London night club Annabel's until 3.40 a.m. yesterday.
She had grabbed a little sleep before arriving at Heathrow just after 9.20 a.m. 
"I am very, very upset" wept Joan. "I'm appalled by the way I've been treated"
"For the past six years I have travelled on average twice a month on this flight and I've always turned up at twenty past nine."

A BA spokesperson said later: "She is a much valued customer but airlines have to have rules. 
"Miss Collins was late. What do we have to apologise for ? "

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